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GUI and UX design, product design and branding

Reinvest24 interface screens
Reinvest24 interface screens
Reinvest24 interface screens
Reinvest24 interface screen
Reinvest24 interface screen
Reinvest24 interface screens
Reinvest24 interface screen
Reinvest24 interface screens
Reinvest24 interface screens

Reinvest24 team has been working with the real-estate market since 2005, and during this time, we were involved with project development, investments in real estate, property sales, and maintenance.


The best UX design is determined by how a person feels when using a product. A person using the best UX feels engaged and excited about the next time they will use that product. With that in mind, we must be vigilant about the flow of our UI/UX and how users feel when engaging with it.

To ensure we are designing an engaging experience for all types of investors, we must take into account the following considerations. When designing a UI/UX for a beginner, we must keep it simple, easy to navigate, and offer clear direction. When designing an interface for advanced users, it must be detailed, complex, and offer flexibility.

Users and audience

The middle class, technically and financially savvy males, are people who want to try to invest in real estate conveniently.

Roles and responsibilities

I am worked as a Head of UX.

Scope and Constraints

The whole system performs effectively, although some of the elements require optimization. The platform is built based on the framework, and developers need the building blocks to streamline their processes. 


During the discovery, I found that the interface elements, typography, and building blocks require better organisation and harmonisation on the atomic and molecular levels.

User Interviews

User interviews insights:

  1. Users want to quickly see the projects in one place, where they can quickly sort them by different parameters.

  2. We must consider cultural differences because some religious/ethnic user groups would like easy hide/avoid projects that include loan-based finance models.


I have created the design system in Figma, where the atomic and molecular principles group the elements. This approach gave us saving in development and QA time.


I created the prototype in Figma, which company workers used in testing sessions and development hand-offs.


A fully optimized process has the potential to contribute significantly to the overall product launch.

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