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Client -

Wisdom Health

Year -


Role -

GUI and UX design

A cat on the table with computer with open MyCatDNA website
Design elements
Illustrations and pictograms.
Interface element.
Interface Elements.
The application screen.
MyCatDNA Webpage
Responsive interfaces in multiple devices.
Two application screens.

MyCatDNA is a DNA testing service for cats that helps you see what your cat is carrying in its DNA.

The new service would introduce more sophisticated, yet cost-efficient DNA technology, improved screening methods for both individual and population level analysis, and a comprehensive global database to serve researchers and veterinarians, as well as regular cat owners and breeders.


The main problem was to adapt the previously designed for dogs DNA testing interface to the different pets group.

Users and audience

Researchers and veterinarians, as well as regular cat owners and breeders.

Roles and responsibilities

I am worked as a Head of UX and design sprint facilitator.

Scope and Constraints

To adapt the web platform to fulfil the user’s requirements in obtaining and interpretation of the genetic test results of cats.

My key contributions in this project:

• Research Strategy Direction
• Service Blue Prints
• Interviews
• Product backlog / Feature prioritisation
• Wireframes / Hi-Fi Prototype

Disciplines: UX Research, Design Thinking, Agile, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi Prototype, Usability Testing.

Team’s approach for this project:
An Agile UX, Lean-Start Up, Design Thinking coined by Dave Landis.

Total of 3 sprints were ran in the 24-day period.


The research involved user interviews, personas creation and user story mapping.

These methods helped me to approach the adaptation of the design.

User Interviews

We interviewed 5 people to validate the idea of such an app, Each interview took approximately 20 minutes and included topics to get to the core of users’ goals and pain points.

What we concluded is that all the cat owners were wanted to have a tool for prediction of the cats litter fur traits.


There were several iterations with different directions after some trials we’re decided to go with the similar to MyDogDNA minimalistic theme.

After working the changes into the wireframes, it was time to proceed with the visual design. I took care of the web development, the high-quality graphic design used, and the actual designing of MyCatDNA user-friendly website.


After the all screens were defined we created the high fidelity prototype and performed the user testing sessions to assure that our assumptions are correct.


This expansion to the cat owners was a huge success for the Genoscoper company.

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