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Fintech Onboarding flow with Liquid Swipe Effect template (Figma and Adobe XD)

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Product Designer

A wireframe
Fintech Onboarding Flow
Screens of the flow

As a passionate product designer, I took on the challenge of enhancing the user experience for fintech applications. This portfolio item showcases a dynamic onboarding flow designed to elevate your application's modernity and captivate both clients and stakeholders. The star of the show? A sleek liquid swipe effect that adds a touch of sophistication to the entire user journey.


Every project comes with its set of challenges. From navigating the intricacies of fintech regulations to ensuring a smooth integration of the liquid swipe effect, overcoming these hurdles was pivotal in delivering a seamless user experience.

Users and audience

Understanding the end-users is at the heart of any design endeavor. This project targeted both application end-users and key stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious blend of usability and business objectives.

Roles and responsibilities

In this project, my role as a product designer extended from ideation to execution. I conceptualized, designed, and refined the onboarding flow, maintaining a keen eye on both aesthetics and functionality.

Scope and Constraints

Navigating through the intricacies of fintech, I scoped out a comprehensive onboarding experience. However, every masterpiece has its constraints. Balancing innovation with practicality, I ensured the design aligned seamlessly with the functional demands of fintech applications.


The journey began with extensive research, diving deep into the world of fintech. This phase laid the foundation for informed design decisions, ensuring that the end product met not just expectations but exceeded them.

User Interviews

Engaging with potential users provided invaluable insights. Through interviews and feedback sessions, I fine-tuned the onboarding flow to align with user preferences and expectations.


Collaborating with developers, I ensured a seamless transition from prototype to the final product. Continuous communication and iteration were key in bringing the envisioned liquid swipe effect to fruition.


Turning concepts into reality, I brought the onboarding flow to life using Adobe XD and Figma. The prototyping phase allowed for a hands-on exploration of the design, facilitating further refinements.


The result? An onboarding experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations. The modern interface coupled with the liquid swipe effect adds a touch of sophistication, making your fintech application stand out in a competitive landscape.

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