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Designed in Finland Product Label

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Graphic Designer

Designed in Finland Product Label as a signage
The structure of the logo
Use as element of signage
Use on the product
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Use on the product
Designed in Finland logo visual presentation
Logo on the dark background


The "Designed in Finland" logo is a key element of Westend's packaging project for their premium HiFi audio products, including headphones and speakers. It serves as a distinctive mark on these products, emphasizing their Finnish origin and the company's commitment to quality.


  • Balancing simplicity and uniqueness in the logo design.

  • Ensuring the logo effectively communicates Finnish identity and brand values.

  • Maintaining consistency with the chosen font and color scheme.

Users and audience

The primary audience includes customers who value premium lifestyle products and appreciate Finnish design and quality. Additionally, potential customers seeking high-quality audio solutions are also part of the audience.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Design Team: Responsible for creating the logo.

  • Marketing Team: Ensures the logo aligns with the brand's marketing strategy.

  • Legal Team: Ensures the logo complies with trademark and branding regulations.

Scope and Constraints

The scope involves creating a logo that encapsulates the essence of Finnish design and Westend's brand values. The constraints include using the Helvetica font for simplicity and clarity and adhering to the blue and white color scheme to reflect the Finnish flag and convey trust and professionalism.


  • Market Research: Analyzing the preferences and expectations of the target audience.

  • Brand Identity: Understanding Westend's core values and positioning within the market.

User Interviews

Conducting interviews with current and potential customers to gather insights into their perceptions of Finnish design and Westend's products.


Refining the selected prototype based on user feedback and brand alignment. Finalizing the logo's design elements, typography, and color scheme.


Creating multiple logo design concepts based on the research and user feedback. These prototypes explore different ways to represent Finland and Westend's values through visual elements.


The "Designed in Finland" logo successfully represents Westend's commitment to Finnish design and quality. It's a symbol of trust, reliability, and professionalism associated with Westend's HiFi audio products, making it a valuable addition to their packaging and branding.

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